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We offer a variety of official and proprietary Vertica trainings in Russian. These trainings are designed for a wide audience and cover all aspects of work with Vertica, from introduction to DBMS basics to design and optimization of data warehouses.
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What we offer today is a program of 4 training courses that includes laboratory works.

Vertica trainings by EasyData

Course Method Time Audience Requirements to audience
Introduction to Vertica Classroom or webinar 2 hours Everyone wishing to attend No
Installation, updating and administration of Vertica Classroom 7 hours System administrators, database architects Linux administration, course 1 completion
Design of Vertica data warehouses Classroom 6 hours Database architects, ETL/ELT developers Knowledge one of the RDMS, course 1 completion
Analytics in Vertica Classroom 2,5 hours BI developers, experienced analytics Knowledge of ANSI SQL, course 1 completion

Description of courses

Course 1

Introduction to Vertica

2 hours introductory course that describes purpose, architecture and possibilities of Vertica. The course is aimed at general audience.

Course program:
  • What is an analytical data warehouse?
  • Vertica features
  • What does Vertica look like?
  • Best place to use Vertica
  • Worst place to use Vertica
  • Drivers for Vertica
  • Utilities and GUI for Vertica
  • Questions and answers

Course 2

Installation, updating and administration of Vertica

7 hours course for system administrators to install, control, customize and optimize Vertica.

Course program:
  • Requirements to Vertica installation
  • Check and customize Linux
  • Installation of Vertica
  • Installation of Vertica Console
  • Installation of Vertica new service packs
  • Control clusters with Vertica command-line tools
  • Control clusters with Vertica Console
  • Vertica data backup and restore
  • Customize SNMP traps to connect Vertica to monitoring systems
  • What types of optimization are possible on Vertica?
  • Optimization of data warehouse state with Vertica default utilities
  • Optimization of query execution with Vertica default utilities
  • Monitoring and profiling of Vertica queries
  • Rebuilding table partitions in Vertica
  • Customizing resource pools for Vertica users’ workload optimization
  • Work with roles and users in Vertica
  • Using service tables and functions to monitor Vertica state

Course 3

Design of Vertica data warehouses

6 hours course for database architects and ETL/ELT developers to design data in Vertica.

Course program:
  • Specifics of working with Vertica objects as opposed to other RDBMs
  • How does Vertica work with data and store them at physical level?
  • What does a Vertica logical data model?
  • Designing Vertica tables and projections
  • Manual creation of new projections for Vertica tables
  • Loading of data to Vertica tables
  • Working with external data in Vertica
  • Data copying between Vertica clusters
  • Reading and analysis of Vertica query plan
  • Using service tables and functions to review Vertica objects

Course 4

Analytics in Vertica

2,5 hours course for BI developers and experienced analytics to understand Vertica specifics.

Course program:
  • Specifics of working with Vertica SQL dialect as opposed other RDBMs
  • Developing analytical queries to very large data warehouses
  • Work with Vertica window functions
  • Work with Vertica time periods
  • Work with Vertica event sequences
  • Work with Vertica geodata
  • Work with other types of analysis and data in Vertica

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