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PowerDesigner Vertica Plug-in

PowerDesigner Vertica Plug-in


Plugin is developed by EasyData to support full cycle of Vertica DB data simulation. Plugin operates with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner tool.
Use EasyData plugin for Vertica and PowerDesigner to:

  • develop Vertica DB objects quickly; no time-consuming scripting is required,
  • represent available Vertica database structure in physical model,
  • understand the difference between designed (current) model in PowerDesigner and Vertica base,
  • get scripts for model and DB differences and, if required, execute them immediately using database,
  • migrate databases from almost any source (Oracle, Sybase IQ, Teradata, etc.) to Vertica DB,
  • compare various database structures,
  • create corporate data dictionary and link its elements to databases and warehouse elements,
  • describe ETL modifications and data scrubbing rules at high level,
  • design metadata for BI-project and link them with Vertica data warehouse elements.
SAP Sybase PowerDesigner® is an industry-leading data and enterprise architecture modeling tool, allowing to visualize, analyze and process metadata for creating effective information architecture of an enterprise. PowerDesigner combines several methods of data simulation (traditional conceptual, logical and physical simulation) and modeling of business information, description of requirements and recording data movement, allowing to combine business analysis with formal DB design. PowerDesigner provides support for over 70 various DBMS, and EasyData plugin includes HP Vertica in this list.

The plugin is a DBMS-file for PowerDesigner, enabling to create physical models for Vertica. Physical data model ensures visual design of DBMS objects, allowing to get DB structure by reverse engineering from existing database and generate scripts to create Vertica objects. Both creation of base structure from scratch and building of scripts to update the base to the current state of the physical model are supported.

Details on data simulation in PowerDesigner:

EasyData plugin for PowerDesigner supports all basic types of Vertica objects. The objects of physical model include relevant properties to be filled out.

Supported objects:
  1. Schemes
  2. Users
  3. Roles
  4. Tables, columns, keys
  6. Sequence
  7. DB objects privileges
At reverse engineering, object properties can be filled out automatically. Generation of scripts is supported for all types of objects.

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The plugin makes it possible to get HP Vertica objects structure by reverse engineering.

Receive, visualize, distribute and analyze Vertica objects with PowerDesigner diagrams!
After reverse engineering objects will be created in a model, and their icons will be placed on a current diagram.

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A script for each object of physical model is generated with account of HP Vertica features.
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Scripts can be generated both for creation and update of database or models objects. Scripts can be generated both for creation and update of database or models objects.

The script is generated with account of Vertica features for each object of physical model.

Scripts can be generated both for creation and update of database or models objects.

Allowing for advanced functionality of PowerDesigner, you can generate models reports, publish results on web portal, use version control as well as collaboration on repository.

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Version control of models and objects is kept in repository. Access to repository is provided on the basis of role model. Review and publication of models via Web interface. Review, comment and approve objects and diagrams available via Web.

In this context, exchange, sharing and approval of information on Vertica data structure and simulation are provided to the full extent.



We are the only company in Russia with Accredited Solutions Expert Vertica Big Data Solutions Administrator certification. We have the largest practical experience in working with Vertica amid other Russian companies accredited by Vertica.
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