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EasyScheduler is a visual control tool for running console applications on remote servers. It enables to schedule the launch at pre-defined time or after specified time intervals, monitor task progress, keep logs and automatically load files to run console applications on remote servers.

Remote Task Running

  • EasyScheduler runs tasks by interacting with Runtime Server installed on a remote server;
  • Tasks are run asynchronously: EasyScheduler queries Runtime servers for current tasks completion;
  • Runtime controls task duplicates – currently running task cannot be started.


Task Run Control

Tasks can be run in manual and automated mode using settable triggers.


To improve task management performance, EasyScheduler offers rule setup feature to specify maximum task execution time, schedule limitations during current task execution and identify a task to be run next.

Run-time environment

EasyScheduler supports run-time environment, a special mode allowing to load the files of multiple use programs (packages) considering their versions and operating systems.

Package Management

Package is a ZIP archive with program files to be run on a remote server.
  • Packages support version control: Runtime automatically updates a package when a new version is available;
  • Package for each task is stored separately on Runtime server;
  • EasyScheduler supports two types of packages: simple (any ZIP archive with programs files) and Talend package.

Talend Support

EasyScheduler supports Talend packages and settings.


  • Talend job run line is generated automatically;
  • Parameters can be assigned with new values and set active/inactive.

Timed Task Running

EasyScheduler has flexible settings of triggers to run a task at pre-defined time:

  • Simple trigger – to set expiration time, minutes between runs, number of repeats;
  • CRON trigger – to set expiration time, + advanced run time settings (run daily, weekly, every hour, etc.) with available templates.

Task history

6.jpgEasyScheduler keeps tasks history log to store detailed task progress data:

  • Start time;
  • Task completion status;
  • Logs;
  • Error records.

Access Permission and Visibility

EasyScheduler provides two types of accounts: user and administrator.


Error Notification

8.jpgEasyScheduler allows to set error notification emails.

  • Enable/ disable general error notification message
  • Set project-related error notification messages

Runtime Servers Monitoring

EasyScheduler allows you to monitor Runtime server and track the most critical aspects:

  • Server activity
  • Free disk space
  • Allocated Runtime memory
  • Operating system version
  • JAVA version


EasyScheduler offers custom templates to ensure convenient operation:


EasyLoader is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software. See: https://reestr.minsvyaz.ru/reestr/103453/

Registration date:
March 14, 2017

Registration number:

Date of competent authority resolution:
March 14, 2017

Competent authority resolution:
Order No. 103 by Ministry of Communications and Mass Media dated March 09, 2017


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