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EasyData offers a line of products to help automate common tasks of collection and processing of data from multiple sources with a focus on optimizing development and support of content delivery to data warehouses
One of them, EasyLoader Framework data loading tool is essentially an advanced data processor, rather than simple ETL tool made to automate SQL scripts execution in a database at a level of stored procedures language and automate data warehousing processes.

EasyLoader is a modular workflow tool with integrated database operation, Vertica warehousing and files handling functions; it is a complete developer tool for downloading and uploading data.

Use EasyLoader:

  1. to transfer data between sources like RDB and flat files. EasyLoader can be linked to any data warehouse and allows you to transfer data from files to file, from flat files to database, from database to database, from database to file – in other words to handle any types of data transfer. In fact, it is a copying of files, where source and receiver fields can be mapped and field type conversion can be identified. In this case, it is a pure ETL that allows transferring data from source to receiver.
  2. as an advanced tool for HP Vertica data warehousing – smart uploading of data using various task-dependent algorithms. For example, not just add new records but combine them with those available, add delta records, add records as alteration of the last state or retrieve, process and apply the operations log to see data change in Vertica.
  3. as a file-handling and data warehousing tool.

EasyLoader is tightly integrated with Vertica.

Data uploading to Vertica data warehouse are performed in the best way to reflect specific features of this data server. Using capabilities of integrated package uploader, EasyLoader allows to configure transformation of loaded data to be completed by Vertica server on the fly. It considerably accelerates data loading, minimizes resource usage and enables to use the Vertica functionality for data transformation.

EasyLoader allows automating typical file and data management operations and addresses:

  • file transfer by defined rules between FS/FTP/SFTP file systems with OS command invoking in the file sources;
  • data transfer by defined rules between file CSV- and relational JDBC sources;
  • incremental data (increments) generation automation from JDBC- sources by incremental timestamp and numeric fields;
  • SQL parameterized scripts execution in JDBC data sources;
  • change data capture from Oracle logs to identify changes and upload results as Oracle Golden Gate flat-files;
  • batch loading by defined rules from CSV-files to Vertica DB tables, including by field values anonymization (masking) algorithms;
  • Oracle Golden Gate flat files processing and changes reflection in HP Vertica tables.

EasyLoader is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software.
See https://reestr.minsvyaz.ru/reestr/100436/

Registration date:
February 10, 2017

Reg. number of software:

Date of competent authority resolution:
February 10, 2017

Competent authority resolution:
Order No. 51 by Ministry of Communications and Mass Media dated February 09, 2017


We are the only company in Russia with Accredited Solutions Expert Vertica Big Data Solutions Administrator certification. We have the largest practical experience in working with Vertica amid other Russian companies accredited by Vertica.
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